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MSE MicroCentaur

MSE MicroCentaur MSB010.CX2.5

MSE MicroCentaur


The Micro Centaur is a bench top machine designed specifically for centrifuging small capacity tubes up to 2ml. Its small size and weight make it ideal for transporting by hand, and also using in laboratories where space is at a premium. With its variable speed and space-saving dimensions, the Micro Centaur is ideal for hospital and research laboratories, and for applications such as amino acid analyses, enzymatic, biochemical and immuno assays, and for the separation of physiological fluids. With its innovative Top Mounted Rotor, the Micro Centaur provides unsurpassed access for loading, unloading or cleaning. This will be most appreciated when working with toxic or Bio-Hazardous materials. If spilled, these materials will not enter the centrifuge but remain in the rotor, which is removed easily for autoclaving.

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Typical capacities

12 x Microlitre 0.2-2ml


Available as Reconditioned

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