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MSE Micro Centaur Plus MSE Micro Centaur Plus MSE Micro Centaur Plus

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MSE Micro Centaur Plus MSB010.CX3.5

24 Place Microlitre Centrifuge, available with a choice of four different rotors (included in price)

  • Fully programmable - can store up to 9 programmes

  • 0.2ml to 2.2ml capacity

  • Digital control of speed, time, acceleration and braking rates

  • Maintenance free induction motor

  • 'Pulse' mode for short cycles

  • Small footprint


MSE Micro Centaur Plus

The Micro Centaur Plus is an improved version of the original Micro Centaur, adding new features and accessories. Its space-saving design and programmable features makes it an ideal choice for you laboratory.

Compact, powerful and easy to use the Micro Centaur Plus can use a range of rotors up to 2.2ml capacity. A Haematocrit rotor is also available.

Convenient Top–Mounted Rotor

So much easier to load, empty or clean than rotors in wells. The rotor removes quickly for autoclaving. In case of an accident, spilled liquids or broken tubes remain in the rotor, not in the centrifuge.

Timer or 'Pulse' Operation

For short spins or manual operation, simply press the ‘Pulse’ button. For automatically controlled spins of longer duration, the timer can be set for intervals of up to 99 minutes.

Incredibly Light and Small

Weighs only 5 kg. So light and small (270 x 220 x 180mm when closed), it can be easily carried into a cold room, or another laboratory.

24 Tube Capacity

Choose which rotor best suits your needs- 24 x 2.2ml, 18 x 0.5ml rotor, PCR strip or haematocrit rotor.

Smooth, Quiet Operation The aerodynamically designed rotor spins smoothly and quietly, virtually without vibration, even at maximum speed. Safety Lid Lock An electronic interlock prevents operation of the lid release button while the rotor is in motion. An indicator light signals when the rotor has come to rest and the lid may be opened safely. For emergency situations such as power failures, an override key is provided.




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Accessories for MSE Micro Centaur Plus

43117-615, 24 x 2.2/1.5ml Rotor Centrifuge rotors £260.00

24 x 2.2/1.5ml Rotor

43117-616, 2 x 8 x 0.2ml/2 x 4 x 0.2ml PCR Strips Centrifuge rotors £260.00

2 x 8 x 0.2ml/2 x 4 x 0.2ml PCR Strips

43117-617, 18 x 0.5ml Rotor Centrifuge rotors £260.00

18 x 0.5ml Rotor

43117-618, 24 x 50mm Haematocrit Rotor Centrifuge rotors £260.00

24 x 50mm Haematocrit Rotor

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