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Hettich Mikro 120 Hettich Mikro 120

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Hettich Mikro 120 C1204

Low cost benchtop centrifuge.
Has been replaced by the Hettich Mikro 185


Smart runner

A simple press of the start key and within seconds, the Mikro 120 reaches top performance levels. The smart runner processes samples reliably and securely, and is then immediately ready for the next run. It is so compact that it easily fits into the smallest space on the laboratory table.

Its high-performance motor with maintenance-free frequency drive makes for outstanding durability you can count on for years to come.


  • Quick-entry foil keypad

  • Easy-to-read, digital display

  • Display of current parameter values

  • Impulse key for short centrifuging

  • Open lid key

  • Easy entry of the parameters

  • RPM in increments of 100

  • Running time in minutes, max. 99 min.



Typical capacities

24 x Microlitre 0.2-2ml


Not currently available

Accessories for Hettich Mikro 120

A1242, Angle rotor 24-place for 0.2-2.0 ml Centrifuge Rotors

Angle rotor 24-place for 0.2-2.0 ml

Angle rotor 24-place for 0.2-2.0 ml

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