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Economical Vacuum / Pressure Pumps

Piston Design, Easy Maintenance
For Aqueous Sample Vacuum Applications
Efficient Vacuum Utility for Flexible Use

WOB-L® Pumps for filtration & desiccation

Vacuum and pressure filtration is widely used for sample preparation in life science, environmental
& water analysis. Filtration rates are greatly enhanced by creating a differential pressure across the
filter unit by applying either vacuum or pressure.

Ideal for filtering aqueous solutions / buffers
Standard duty dry piston pumps for filtration are effective for filtering aqueous solutions that are
not strongly acidic or basic. These attractively priced pumps are oil-free and loaded with powerful
features for filtration; vacuum and pressure adjustments with gauges, liquid traps at inlet & outlet,
liquid shutoff at inlet and noise reduction. Two models power filtration setups of 1 to 6 funnels and
larger. The WOB-L® 2522C-02 incorporates powerful features designed to make filtration

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