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Flexible Usage and High Vacuum Ranges

Fully reliable rotary vane pumps
The two-stages rotary vane pumps of the P - Z series from ILMVAC are characterized by their high water vapor tolerance and reliability. ILMVAC Rotary Vane Pumps are
designed to withstand large amounts of water vapor in the vacuum pump’s inlet vapor stream. This “water vapor tolerance” is the maximum inlet pressure point at which the
pump is able to operate with pure water / fluids and at the same time prevents them of condensing inside the pump.

Due to their low weight, high pumping speed and compact housing construction for wipe cleaning these pumps are ideal suited for the use in laboratories for application within
rough and fine vacuum ranges from 1 to 10-3 mbar.

Control functions for optimized monitoring
To prevent accidental damage to the pumps the oil control glass is integrated into the housing, this way the oil stand as well as the oil color can be checked on a regular basis.
With a comprehensive range of accessories these pumps are applicable to a wide application range e.g. vacuum drying, freeze drying and vacuum concentration.

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