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We are DJB, a laboratory equipment servicing company that is passionate, collaborative and innovative.

Our mission is to provide exceptional service to our customers to enable them to provide exceptional service to theirs.

Hospitals, Universities, Pharmaceutical companies, researchers, vets and restaurants all want to focus on their customers, patients and students – to achieve the very best they can.
They don’t want to worry about their centrifuge not spinning, or their incubator not holding temperature. With DJB, you don’t have to.

We will perform regular preventative maintenance on your lab equipment, ensuring it is safe and fit for purpose. If something does go wrong, our skilled engineers can diagnosis and
repair the fault. We carry stock of regularly replaced parts to minimise downtime, and can often provide a loan unit to use if the repair may take some time.

If a repair is not possible, or the equipment has come to the end of its life – we can help. Our advice is independent and based on years of experience in a variety of industries.

Calibration (which aims to validate the accuracy of an instrument) is becoming increasingly popular as industry regulations become more stringent. Our UKAS ISO 17025:2017 accreditation
covers the speed, time and temperature calibration of centrifuges, and the temperature and CO2 content calibration of incubators.

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