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F7S-4x1000y 76990

Now Replaced with 76981


Catalog No. 096-041046

Model F7S-4x1000y

Max. Speed 7000

Max. g-force 9220

k factor 9836

Rotor Mass 13.79 kg (30.4 lbs.)

Liquid Containment Yes

Warranty Limited Lifetime

Will Replace SLC-4000

Will Spin In RC2, RC5, RC6, RC26, Evolution RC

Rmax 127

Rmin 25

Application This large capacity general-purpose rotor can be used for processing bacteria from fermentation tanks, differential centrifugation of subcellular organelles from tissue homogenates, clarification of cell lysates, and clean up of debris from water pollution studies.

Refresher Kit 021-041046

Extraction Tool 017-041046

Lid O-rings 022-041046

Lid Assembly 099-041046


Not currently available

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