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Jouan KR25i

Jouan KR25i 11177390

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The Jouan KR25i is the world's safest high speed, floor-standing centrifuge with lightweight accessories for research and large volume processing. It features guaranteed run-to-run reproducibility, absolute sample temperature control and accepts large sample numbers and volumes.


FIBERLite Centrifuge Rotors

FIBERLite Rotors are up to 65% lighter, do not corrode or fatigue and have a lifetime warranty.

Equivalents for:

SR12.22, AK500.11, AK250.14, AG100.18, AK50.17, AK50.22, AK50c, AB2.14 and exclusives.

Listed below is the complete range of FIBERLite Rotors available for the Jouan KR25i Centrifuge.




Not currently available

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