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PDFDatasheet (62.0kB PDF)

F10J-6x500 096-062125

Compatible with KR22i centrifuges, 10000 RPM, 17696 xg


Catalog No. 096-062125

Model F10J-6x500

Max. Speed 10000

Max. g-force 17696

k factor 3413

Rotor Mass 11.27 kg (24.8 lbs.)

Liquid Containment No

Warranty Limited Lifetime

Will Replace AK 500.11

Will Spin In KR22i

Rmax 127

Rmin 41

Application This rotor is designed for pelleting bacterial cells from tissue culture, pelleting debris and plant life from water pollution studies, pelleting particles from other types of homogenates, and clarifying lysates.

Refresher Kit 021-062125

Extraction Tool 017-062125

Lid O-rings 022-062125

Lid Assembly 099-062125


Not currently available

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