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F10J-6x250 11177530

Compatible with GR20.22 centrifuges, 10000 RPM, 15344 xg


Catalog No. 096-062138

Model F10J-6x250

Max. Speed 10000

Max. g-force 15344

k factor 3312

Rotor Mass 7.90 kg (17.42 lbs.)

Liquid Containment No

Warranty Limited Lifetime

Will Replace No Equivalent

Will Spin In GR20,22

Rmax 127

Rmin 37

Application This general-purpose large volume rotor is designed for processing lysates, homogenates, ammonium sulphate precipitation of proteins and enzymes, and plant tissue homogenates.

Refresher Kit 021-062138

Extraction Tool 017-062138

Lid O-rings 022-062138

Lid Assembly 099-062138


Not currently available

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