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Thermo Espresso Thermo Espresso

PDFDatasheet (603.0kB PDF)

Thermo Espresso 11210801

Introducing Espresso from Thermo – the personal microcentrifuge that takes productivity and ease-of-use to a whole new level. Compact and stylishly designed, the Espresso microcentrifuge lets you perform all your standard runs with a minimum of adjustments, and offers outstanding performance to handle a wide range of applications across pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic research.


  • Large LED display provides easy viewing of all parameters

  • Fast 14,500 x g performance covers a broad range of applications

  • One-knob adjustment lets you change parameters quickly

  • Single pre-installed rotor offers convenience and easy maintenance

  • Compact design saves valuable benchtop space

  • Quiet operation enhances your experience

  • Affordably priced to fit most departmental budgets



Typical capacities

12 x Microlitre 0.2-2ml


Not currently available

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