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Eppendorf 5702 (Reconditioned) Eppendorf 5702 (Reconditioned) Eppendorf 5702 (Reconditioned) Eppendorf 5702 (Reconditioned) Eppendorf 5702 (Reconditioned)

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Eppendorf 5702 (Reconditioned) 5702 000.019R


All 5702 centrifuges have a user-friendly control panel with a small number of clearly-labeled function keys/knobs and an easy-to-read LCD display.

Specific product features

  • “at set rpm” function

  • Two programming keys to store routine procedures (back-lit in blue)

Simple operation

  • Large dials and an easy-to-read display

  • Switch between rpm/rcf

  • Speed can be set from 100 rpm to a max. of 4,400 rpm, increments of 100

  • Separate “short-spin” button

  • Timer can be set for up to 99 minutes

  • Continuous mode can be selected




Available as Reconditioned

Please call our sales office or request a quote online for pricing/discount information.

Hire / Rent price

£35.00 /week

Price based on 26-week hire period.

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