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NBS Innova CO 170

NBS Innova CO 170 M1306-0002

New Brunswick Scientific's CO2 Incubators have been improved to provide much more usable chamber space for greater capacity in the same footprint! Add a unique, six-sided direct-heat fanless design that achieves a stable and homogenous culture environment, and new seamless
chamber with rounded corners and copper interior option, these incubators optimize culture conditions to satisfy the most demanding requirements of scientists.


Innova® CO-170 — feature an advanced controller and exceptionally large display screen making it easy to read and program setpoints, monitor chamber conditions, historical data, alarms and diagnostics, as well as access built-in help menus. Numerous automated functions simplify operation for added convenience.

Innova CO-170 Full Size Incubator:

• Capacity: 170 L – 6.0 cu. ft.
• External: 27” W x 26.4” D x 33.3” H (68.5 x 67 x 84.5 cm)


Not currently available

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