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Hermle Z323 Hermle Z323

PDFDatasheet (558.0kB PDF)

Hermle Z323

Universal 4 x 100 • Z 323 The "Universal High Speed"
( Reconditioned Centrifuge includes Haematokrit 24 place rotor )


For High Speed Performance

• Capacity for 4 x 100 ml at a speed of 5.000 rpm
• Many rotors and adapters available for both swingout
and fixed angle rotors as well as microplate rotors
• High speed microrotors up to 17.000 rpm / 26.810 xg
• High speed angle rotors for 85 ml or 50 ml up to
13.500 rpm / 20.986 xg
• Rotors are easy interchangeable

Safety Features

• All the same features as previously mentioned on the
Z 300.
• Additional features include:
A motor driven lid lock which significantly reduces
the force required to activate the lock.

User Friendly Operating Features

• Large easy to view control panel with digital display
• Control knobs for selecting Speed / RCF /
Running time and Temperature
• Radius correction feature which allows the most
accurate g-value calculation
• Digital display of both pre-set and actual values
• “QUICK”-button for short runs
• Continuous run
• Braking can be adjusted to10 different intensities
• Program memory can store up to 10 complete runs

HERMLE “Multi-Control”



Typical capacities

24 x Haematocrit capillaries


Available as Reconditioned

Please call our sales office or request a quote online for pricing/discount information.

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