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Lid for Microtitre plates (pack of 50) 900015SP

Lid for Microtitre plates (pack of 50)


Compatible with: A4620, 2 place swing out rotor for microplate carriers, 75006444, HIGHplate rotor, 75008177, Swing-out rotor for 2 x 2 microtitre plates, CENSW09000018, 4 adapters for 4x2 tubes of 50 ml - conical bottom, CENSW12000009, 4 adapters for 4x4 tubes of 50 ml - conical bottom, 18052, Rectangular carrier for 2x50 ml culture tubes, 18053, Rectangular carrier for 2 x 50ml culture tubes, 17377, Round carrier for 4 x 50ml culture tubes, 11174528, AD 1X50ML CONICAL, SET /4, 11175722, ADAPTERS 2X50ML CON, SET/4, 11210675, ADAPTERS 1X50 ML CON, SET /4, 11174529, AD 7X50ML CON UNSEALED, SET/4, 11177572, ADAPTERS 5X50ML CON, SET /4, 64724502, ADAPTER 1X50ML CON, SET/10, 11174714, ADAPTER, 1X50ML CONICAL, SET/6, A1443, Insert for 1 x 50 ml Falcon tube, A5276, Insert for 1 x 50 ml Falcon tube, A1453-A, Carrier for microtitre plates on rotor A1460, A4345, Carrier for 1 x microtitre plate, 11118, Swing out rotor for microtitre plates (Inc carriers 13218 and plate holders 17978), 11144, Microtiter swing-out rotor complete, 11121, Swing-out rotor for microtiter plates, 75002010, Microplate rotor MP 3300, 75002013, ADAPTER FOR MT-PLATES IN ROTOR MP 3300, A1725, 4 place rotor for microtitre plates, A1753-A, Carrier for microtitre plates on rotor A1760, 75003048, Microtitre plate rotor, 11123, Swing out rotor with microtitre plates, 43121-116, ROTOR MICROTITRE FOR CENTAUR, 43121-117, MICROTITRE ROTOR WITH CARRIERS, 11240, Swing Out Rotor For Microtiter Plates, 09200, Drum rotor for 4 microtiter and Deepwell-plates, 75003625, Set of 2 sealed carriers for M-20 microplate rotor (include tray and caps)


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