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Rotofix 32A (Cyto) Rotofix 32A (Cyto) Rotofix 32A (Cyto) Rotofix 32A (Cyto) Rotofix 32A (Cyto) Rotofix 32A (Cyto)

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Rotofix 32A (Cyto) C1206 (CYTO)

The non-refrigerated ROTOFIX 32A is the ideal bench-top centrifuge for performing daily routine tasks in doctors laboratories and small hospitals.


Its performance and capacity are designed to easily and efficiently process all incoming samples. Larger hospitals appreciate the ROTOFIX 32A for spinning an occasional sample in between. Not only in clinical chemistry, but also in cytology the ROTOFIX 32A does a perfect job. Special cytology accessories turn the ROTOFIX 32A into a cyto-centrifuge that can process a maximum of 8 slides per run.

Ideal for physicians and small laboratories.



Typical capacities

16 x Blood tube 4-7mm (13mm)

16 x Blood tube 7-10ml (16mm)

8 x Conical 15ml

8 x Conical 50ml

4 x Universal 25ml


Available as New

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