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Sorvall Primo (Clin set) Sorvall Primo (Clin set) Sorvall Primo (Clin set)

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Sorvall Primo (Clin set) 50127421

This machine has now been replaced by the ST 8

The compact, space saving Primo and Primo R offer the capabilities of three different tabletop centrifuges in single instruments.

This particular set includes Swing Out Rotor , Buckets , Sealing Lids , 3 Place 7ml Blood Tube Adapters , 4 Place 10ml Blood Tube Adapters and Spacers for Short Tubes .

If you are spinning 15ml and 50ml Conical Tubes, the Research and Development Set may be more suitable.


• Non-refrigerated (Primo) and refrigerated (Primo R) centrifuges

• 4 x 100 ml capacity

• Compact size, small footprints

• Electronic imbalance detection

• Automatic rotor recognition

• Microprocessor-based EASYcontrolTM II user programmability

• RCF selection and quick run function

• Dual lid-locking mechanism

• Whisper-quiet operation, maintenance-free brushless induction drive

The compact, space saving Primo and Primo R offer the capabilities of three different tabletop centrifuges in single instruments. Both the Primo and Primo R function as high-performance microcentrifuges, high speed and general purpose centrifuges. Primo centrifuges, with their applications-oriented accessories, are proven favorites in clinical, molecular biology, cell biology and small medical laboratories. Features an automatic rotor recognition system and electronic imbalance protection. The 4 x 100 ml swinging bucket rotor, is certified as providing biocontainment for biologically safe centrifugation. Process control is via the EASYcontrolTM II panel, clearly displaying all operational and run parameters. Time, speed and RCF values are set using a touch pad, with 2 acceleration and 9 braking curves available for sensitive samples. A quick-run key is also available for short spin.



Typical capacities

12 x Blood tube 7-10ml (16mm)


Not currently available

Accessories for Sorvall Primo (Clin set)

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