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Cellsep 6/720R

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Cellsep 6/720R MSF720.CR2.K

includes 6 x 1200ml swing-out rotor


Simple - Easy Operation
Fast - Up to 6,000 RPM
Quiet - Very Low Noise Output
Powerful - Brushless Induction Motor
Flexible - 10 Acceleration & Brake Rates
Practical - Side Hinged Lid for Easy Loading
Safe - Multi-point Lid Interlock System
Functional - Up to 12 Blood Bags per Run
Dependable - Quality British Build



Typical capacities

222 x Microlitre 0.2-2ml

168 x Blood tube 4-7mm (13mm)

114 x Blood tube 7-10ml (16mm)

72 x Conical 15ml

30 x Conical 50ml

30 x Universal 25ml


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