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TX-150 Rotor TX-150 Rotor

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TX-150 Rotor 75005701

Designed for a broad range of highspeed, high-capacity swing-out processing needs, with a capacity of 24 x 5/7 mL blood tubes per run and flexibility with available adapters


Compatible with: Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST8, Sorvall ST8R, Heraeus Megafuge 8, Thermo Scientific SL8, Heraeus Megafuge 8R, Sorvall ST8FR


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Accessories for TX-150 Rotor

75005702, 150 ml Round buckets (set /4) - for TX-150 rotor Centrifuge Buckets £784.00

150 ml Round buckets (set /4) - for TX-150 rotor

150 ml Round buckets (set /4) - for TX-150 rotor

75005703, 50ml Conical Buckets Centrifuge Buckets £1110.00

50ml Conical Buckets (Unsealed, no adapter needed) (Set/4)

50ml Conical Buckets

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