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Haematokrit 200

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Haematokrit 200 C1801


This centrifuge is of outstanding design with high-quality components. These include a metal lid and a deep metal chamber which securely holds the rotor.
As of April 2023, this machine is currently supplied with the A2076 24 Place Haematocrit Rotor


Practical Functions
The rotor lid at the same time serves as an evaluation disc, enabling the haematocrit values to be read off without difficulty after sedimentation, without first having to remove the capillaries. This saves time and offers additional safety.
Maximum Safety
Its unique rotor design ensures safe centrifugation: Each capillary has its own chamber in the segmented haematocrit rotor and is cushioned by a holding tray at the outer rim. This provides optimum protection if the glass breaks. The sturdy housing and solid design ensure mechanical safety




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