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Hettich 380 RC Robotic

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Hettich 380 RC Robotic C3704

The ROTINA 380 Robotic models are available as air-cooled or cooled benchtop centrifuges and as cooled under bench units. They centrifuge microtitre plates and blood collection tubes fast and reliably.


With the robotically operated ROTINA 380 Robotic and 380 R Robotic, automation has now also found its way onto the laboratory bench.
The ROTINA 380 RC Robotic is ideally suited for setting up an automated workstation for routine clinical diagnostics. It can carry out special tasks, such as the centrifugation of STAT samples. The routine workflow therefore does not have to be interrupted when emergency samples are delivered. This relieves the load, particularly at peak times when large numbers of samples have to be processed within the shortest possible time.
In the research sector, the ROTINA 380 Robotic models also make a valuable contribution.



Typical capacities

48 x Microlitre 0.2-2ml

6 x 96 well microplate


Available as New

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