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Mikro 220 Robotic centrifuge

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Mikro 220 Robotic centrifuge C2350

The MIKRO 220 Robotic is an air-cooled, robotically operated microlitre centrifuge with PC activation. It centrifuges tubes up to 2.0 ml (e.g. microlitre tubes or HPLC tubes) quickly and safely.


Wherever processes can be automated, MIKRO 220 Robotic centrifuges will optimize the workflow. Samples are centrifuged automatically while the laboratory personnel are able to concentrate on other tasks.
As loading and unloading is carried out by means of a robot arm, the samples are made available for further processing right after centrifugation.



Typical capacities

24 x Microlitre 0.2-2ml


Not currently available

Accessories for Mikro 220 Robotic centrifuge

A2394, 24 place rotor for microlitre tubes Centrifuge rotors

24 place rotor for microlitre tubes

A2362, 12 Place rotor for HPLC Tubes Centrifuge rotors

12 Place rotor for HPLC Tubes
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