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Hettich Rotixa 500RS

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Hettich Rotixa 500RS C4950

The high-capacity, refrigerated floor-standing ROTIXA 500 RS can hold 4 x 1,000 ml bottles. It is equipped as standard with an S control panel.


Its sturdy components make the ROTIXA 500RS a highly reliable instrument which will provide years of service. Its high capacity and a maximum RCF of 5,252 make it suitable for a wide range of centrifuging applications. This extremely effective centrifuge can handle up to 192 blood collection tubes per run, making it the ideal solution when large sample volumes have to be centrifuged in clinical chemistry procedures.
The ROTIXA 500RS is however also invaluable in R&D and quality control departments in the life sciences industry and in other industrial fields thanks to its versatility. It has proven itself in the search for active ingredients, as well as in the separation of food samples and cell suspensions, precipitates from chemical reactions, soil samples and of course also blood and its constituents.

The centrifuge has the following exciting features!

  • Stable metal casing

  • Centrifugation chamber of rust-free stainless steel

  • Ergonomic operating and display panel

  • Viewing port in the lid

  • Ergonomic operating and display panel

  • Large display, easy to read, showing the current status of all parameters when the centrifuge is running

  • Centrifugation chamber of rust-free stainless steel

  • Lid locking and latching and protection against dropping

  • Emergency lid release

  • Automatic rotor recognition

  • Imbalance switch-off

  • Key-operated switch against unauthorized data change

  • Motor overheating protection

  • Chamber overheating protection



Typical capacities

336 x Microlitre 0.2-2ml

120 x Blood tube 4-7mm (13mm)

120 x Blood tube 7-10ml (16mm)

92 x Conical 15ml

32 x Conical 50ml

32 x Universal 25ml

24 x 96 well microplate


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