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Thermo Scientific SL1R Plus

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Thermo Scientific SL1R Plus 75009630

Ergonomic design, standard high contrast user interface for up to 6 saved programs with simple push-button operation for routine applications. With capacity up to 1.6L, including 76x5/7 ml blood tubes and 16x50 ml conical tubes, AutoLock for fast rotor exchange and 12 available rotors to choose from.


Easy to Use:
Intuitive controls simplify operation and provide detailed information on a wide range of operating parameters and processing status for optimal performance.
Modern industrial design supports continuous improvement in rotor loading ergonomics, user safety and current needed certifications
Motorized lid latch enables one finger downward motion for easiest closing and locking of centrifuge lid, even on tall benches.

Thermo Scientific™ Auto-Lock™ III Rotor System:
Secure locking system allows easy push-button installation and exchange of rotors.
System saves time when switching between applications.
Easy access to rotor chamber offers quick cleaning, a healthier working environment and longer unit life.

Thermo Scientific™ ClickSeal™ Bucket Sealing System:
Biocontainment solution seals with a snap; eliminates screw caps and complicated clips.
System has glove-friendly, one-handed open/close capability.
System is certified by CAMR™ in Porton Down, UK.

Thermo Scientific™ SMARTSpin™ Technology:
Advanced rotor management system maximizes acceleration, braking and residual load imbalance for each rotor and bucket option:
Technology optimizes safety and improves separations.

Space-Saving Design:
Compact dimensions optimize work area and ergonomic height and curved design ensure easy sample loading and unloading and easy cleaning.

Energy Efficient:
System offers up to 40% energy consumption savings on industry standard protocols, such as standard blood separation or conical tubes processing.



Typical capacities

48 x Microlitre 0.2-2ml

76 x Blood tube 4-7mm (13mm)

56 x Blood tube 7-10ml (16mm)

36 x Conical 15ml

16 x Conical 50ml

20 x Universal 25ml


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