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Heraeus Multifuge 4KR Heraeus Multifuge 4KR Heraeus Multifuge 4KR

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Heraeus Multifuge 4KR 75004461

Multifuge 4KR Knee well, refrigerated centrifuge. 240V, 13A, 50Hz. Excluding accessories.


The Multifuge 4 KR provides personal processing power for every laboratory environment. With its wide range of rotors, including swinging bucket, windshielded swinging bucket, clinical analyzer rack and high-capacity fixed-angle varieties, this portable general purpose centrifuge is equally at home in clinical, biotechnology, microbiology, pharmaceutical and small blood processing labs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fastest processing and highest throughput of any 4 litre centrifuge

  • Large 4 litre or 4 x 500 ml quad blood bag capacity

  • Accomodates 32 standard microplates or 8 deepwell plates

  • Enhanced user safety: choose from 5 biocontainment approved rotors, accommodating samples from 1.5 - 1000 ml

  • New Diagnostik rotor spins tubes pre-loaded in clinical analyzer racks

  • HIGHplate rotor spins filter plates to 85 mm in height

  • Optimum run stability with SMARTspin Imbalance Detection System

  • Easy-to-clean soft-touch keypad

  • Reduced maintenance with brushless induction drive

Technical data:

Max. capacity 4 x 1,000 ml or 4 x 8 standard microplates

Max. speed 10,000 rpm

Temperature range -9 to +40

Max. RCF 15,320 x g



Typical capacities

76 x Blood tube 4-7mm (13mm)

76 x Blood tube 7-10ml (16mm)

48 x Conical 15ml

24 x Conical 50ml

28 x Universal 25ml

32 x 96 well microplate


Not currently available

Accessories for Heraeus Multifuge 4KR

75006444, HIGHplate rotor Centrifuge Rotors

Sealed rotor for 2 x 2 deepwell microplates or 2 x 1 DNA/RNA filter plates inc buckets

HIGHplate rotor

75006435, BIO1000 shield rotor Centrifuge Rotors

4 x 250ml sealed rotor inc. buckets for D type adaptors

BIO1000 shield rotor

75006475, LH-4000 rotor 4x1000ml Centrifuge Rotors £3140.00

LH-4000 rotor 4x1000ml

75006476, LH-4000W windshielded rotor 4x1000ml Centrifuge Rotors £11100.00

LH-4000W windshielded rotor 4x1000ml

75006480, Diagnostic rack rotor Centrifuge Rotors £10100.00

Diagnostic rack rotor

5 accessories, of 80 including subaccessories Show all...

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