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Swing-out rotor

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Swing-out rotor 11036

Swing-out rotor for 2 carriers no. 13020, 13035 or 2 buckets no. 13031, 13033, 13034, 13038, 13099


We have been informed by Sigma that there is a factory recall on the 2 place rotor 11036, this recall is due to a possible manufacturing defect, it affects this rotor being used on the Sigma 2-6 centrifuge with 13034 buckets purchased since January 08.

Sigma have requested that we inform you of this potential problem. We are offering a replacement four place 11030 rotor and 2 new carriers which should always be placed opposite one another in the remaining positions on the rotor for correct balancing.

Original Rotor and Buckets:

Photo 1

New Replacement Rotor and Buckets, please keep your existing buckets and arrange the rotor as shown below:

Photo 2

Fitting the new rotor:

1) Open the lid of the centrifuge.
2) Remove the round sealed buckets.
3) Hold the rotor and loosen the rotor allen bolt ?turn anticlockwise? with the rotor tool provided with your centrifuge.
4) Remove the 2 place rotor and place in the provided padded bag for returning to DJB Labcare Ltd, please ensure you fill in and return the attached decontamination certificate.
5) Lower the 4 place rotor onto the motor shaft until it sits on the base of the shaft..
6) Hold the rotor at its outer rim and tighten the rotor allen bolt clockwise with the supplied rotor tool (pinched tight but not wrenched excessively).
7) Apply a small amount of grease to the top and face of the rotor trunion pins, these are the pins the buckets sit on. Apply enough to lubricate the contact between rotor and bucket but not to cover the inside of the bowl when running.

8) Place the new 13035 buckets on the rotor in opposite positions and again the same with the 13034 buckets as per the picture above (Photo 2).

The centrifuge is now ready to go please ensure you read the manual paying particular attention to rotor balancing and any safety notices.

Compatible with: Sigma 2-6E, Sigma 2-5, Sigma 2-16, Sigma 2-16K


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