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Heraeus Cryofuge 6000i

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The Heraeus Cryofuge centrifuges are attractively designed, large volume, floor standing, refrigerated models offering optimised technology for lowspeed applications. They are ideal for use in blood banks, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, where large volumes require high speeds and constant temperatures.


High Versatility

Swinging-bucket rotors for the Heraeus Cryofuge series centrifuges support a diverse array of sample processing applications without the need to modify existing protocols. With a capacity to spin 6 x 1000ml bottles or 12 blood bags per run as well as many standard sample tubes the Heraeus Cryofuge range are ideal for usage where high volume processing is required.


The design of the Heraeus Cryofuge centrifuges is based on all international safety standards to guarantee the highest level of safety:

  • Diagnostic and fault messages are clearly visible.

  • Pre-selection of buckets protects against overspeeding.

  • The lid lock system and steel armoured rotor chamber further ensure safe operation.

  • A key operated switch safeguards against unauthorised use.

Convenient Operation

The SEPACONTROL® operating panel is systematically arranged,clearly displaying all functional areas and allowing easy access to operating parameters. Visual diagnostic indicators and acoustic signals supplement the information supplied by the microcom puter. This makes the centrifuge easy to use right from the start. The “delay” function permits users to delay system start-up.

Memory Control

33 memory locations are available to save run parameters for future use. New programs generated using the function panel can be immediately added to the library.

Software for Sample Tracking

Heranet® software allows users to document centrifugation in blood banks. The software saves actual and set values and processes information which is entered at the centrifuge, using a barcode reader.



Typical capacities

480 x Microlitre 0.2-2ml

240 x Blood tube 4-7mm (13mm)

144 x Blood tube 7-10ml (16mm)

72 x Conical 15ml

24 x Conical 50ml

48 x Universal 25ml


Not currently available

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