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Savant RVT400 Refrigerated Vapor Trap Savant RVT400 Refrigerated Vapor Trap

PDFDatasheet (4.0MB PDF)

Savant RVT400 Refrigerated Vapor Trap RVT400-230

Please see the new Savant RVT450 Refrigerated Vapor Cold Trap


  • Rapid cooling time minimizes waiting period

  • Easy to remove glass flask for quick solvent changes

  • Rapidly cools to operating temperature

  • Easy-to-use glass condensation flask allows for the collection of liquid into a self contained jar for easy draining

  • Sealed refrigeration system eliminates consumable coolants such as dry ice and acetone


  • Trap Capacity: 4L

  • TemperaturE: -50°C

  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 25 x 60 x 31cm

  • Weight: 55 lb. (25kg)

All reconditioned machines are subject to availability




Available as Reconditioned

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