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Swing-out rotor

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Swing-out rotor 11140

Swing-out rotor for 4 buckets no. 13115, 13127, 13201


Compatible with: Sigma 4-15, Sigma 4K15, Sigma 4-15C (Qiagen), Sigma 4K15H, Sigma 4K15C, Sigma 4-16K (Professional), Sigma 4-16K (Comfort)


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Accessories for Swing-out rotor

13115, Rectangular bucket Centrifuge Buckets

Rectangular bucket, suitable for the system of rectangular carriers no. 18..., max. tube...

Rectangular bucket

13127, Rectangular bucket incl. polysulfone cap Centrifuge Buckets

Rectangular bucket incl. polysulfone cap no. 17112, suitable for the system of...

Rectangular bucket incl. polysulfone cap

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