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Diaphragm Pumps

Professional Vacuum technology for Vacuum concentrators

What's important?
- Chemically resistant
- Optimal ultimate pressure dependant on the solvent
- Resistance against vapours outer influences

Diaphragm Pumps (New):

Ilmvac MPC 201 T

Ilmvac MPC 201 T
  • Space saving and compact

  • Easy to use

Ilmvac MPC 301 Z

Ilmvac MPC 301 Z
  • Service friendly

  • High Water Vapour tolerance

  • Reliable, Easy to use

  • Very quiet...

Welch 2019C-02

Welch 2019C-02

Robust PTFE diaphragm pump

  • Suitable for basic and acid media

  • Reliable and compact...

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